Keep your loved ones safe during the pandemic.

We are living through extremely challenging times due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Most of us are staying at home and having very limited contact with people from outside the household. The situation can change very quickly, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest guidance from the Government.

This can be found here.


Staying Electrically Safe at Home

If you are working from home or home schooling your children, make sure that you and your family are electrically safe. Our tips will help you.


Safe Home Working

  • Don't charge electrical items on sofas or beds
    They could overheat and catch fire. Always charge your devices on a hard, flat surface.
  • Avoid overloading sockets
    Just because an extension lead has multiple sockets, it doesn't mean they should all be used.
    Our socket calculator will let you know what is safe.
  • Unplug chargers when you've finished using them
    Don't leave your devices charging for longer than necessary. It can damage the battery or the device could overheat and cause a fire.
  • Use the right charger for the right product
    Don't mix and match - use the charger that came with your device.
  • Keep your "desk" tidy
    You're probably working in a smaller space than you're used to. Make sure you keep drinks away from your laptop and mobile - liquid and electricity don't mix!
  • Don't "daisy chain" extension leads
    If your cable doesn't reach, don't plug it into another adaptor - move your work station closer to the socket or use a longer cable.


Safety for the Whole Family

  • Keep an eye on your children's electrical gadgets
    It's not all about limiting screen time, make sure they are charging correctly and not putting their phone under their pillow at night!
  • Help the children with their school work
    Our websites, Two Thirty Volts and Switched On Kids, have lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes and games to help children learn.
  • Stay safe if you're planning some electrical DIY
    It might feel like a good time to do some home improvements or tackle the garden. But don't take on jobs that should be left to the experts. Electricians can still come to your home in an emergency, but now is not the time to create one with a DIY disaster. We've got plenty of advice to keep you safe if you are going to do some simple electrical DIY or work in the garden.
  • Don't get distracted in the kitchen
    With more people at home, it's easy to get distracted by family members or a phone call or email from a friend. Don't forget about what you've got cooking in the kitchen.
  • Be careful if you're shopping online
    If you're stuck at home, it's understandable that you might want to treat yourself to a new electrical gadget. But make sure you follow our tips to keep you safe when shopping online, always buy from a retailer you know and trust.
  • Register your appliances
    Got a bit of extra time on your hands? Make sure that the electrical appliances in your home are registered with the manufacturer, so that if there is a problem, they can contact you. Find out more here.

You can find more safety tips on our blog.