Summer Tips

See below for our tips on how to enjoy the sunshine safely!


Long summer days mean sunbathing, sizzling barbeques and pottering in the garden. Although electricity makes gardening much easier, wet conditions and contact with the ground means that the risk of injury or death from electric shock is much greater than the risk from using electrical equipment indoors. Read our tips to ensure that the only thing sizzling this summer will be the sausages!

Electrical DIY

Every year people die or are seriously injured by electrical accidents in the home. If you're spending the summer months working on a DIY project, read our advice to ensure you're taking the correct safety precautions.

Travelling Overseas

Planning an overseas getaway this summer? When you are travelling, you should never assume you are as protected abroad as you are at home. Electricity safety standards in the UK are higher than in many other countries. Make sure you're aware of the dangers with our handy guide.

Electric Fans

During the hot summer months, an electric fan can be a lifesaver. But these cooling devices can actually get a little too hot! Keep your cool with our handy guide.