Smart Homes

Make your Smart Home a Safe Home

Modern homes are quickly evolving as new "smart" technology allows us to control our living space remotely at the touch of a button. Previously only available to the very rich or the most tech savvy amongst us, smart homes and devices are now very much a part of mainstream living. 

Benefits of Smart Living

  • You can control your home environment remotely - all you need is an internet connection wherever you are and your home WiFi in good working order
  • You are able to monitor your energy use and how much you are spending. 
  • No more worrying that you left an appliance switched on! 
  • Smart security cameras enable you to keep an eye on your home wherever you are.
  • It can offer additional support for older and vulnerable people, giving peace of mind to carers. 

"Smart" Shopping

When you're shopping for your smart device:

  • Check if it will work with your other smart devices - the retailer or manufacturer can advise you.
  • Find out if you have a good enough WiFi connection - a system with limited bandwidth may struggle to support multiple devices. There are free apps you can download to test the speed and strength of your connection.
  • Check whether your device will have regular software updates and how long after purchase it will be supported.
  • Find out what after-sales support is available from the manufacturer.
  • Buy from a retailer or manufacturer you know and trust to avoid buying a fake or substandard product.
  • Check out the privacy policies offered by the manufacturer to find out how your personal data will be used. 
  • Register your product with the manufactuer - if there's a problem they will able to let you know.

Find out More

For more information about smart devices, including tips on setting them up, maintenance and what to do if something goes wrong, download our Guide to a Safer, Smarter Home - available at the side of this page.