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Increase Storage Space With Pigeon Hole ShelvesIncrease Storage Space With Pigeon Hole Shelves

Pigeon hole shelving is a great addition to shed buildings, sheds and garages. A quick and easy fix to a problematic wall or ceiling, it provides an excellent place to store all your tools, equipment and machinery. It is designed in a modular style with a pre-cut tongue and groove system, which make it convenient to install on any flat surface. A pulley system is also available to hang on a wall or ceiling, if required. A standard bolt hole shelving system which is also easily fitted to almost any wall, ceiling or floor for a simple installation, since it is just bolt attached to the end of any existing furniture or fixture.

pigeon hole shelving units

Increase Storage Space

This type of shelving is made from high quality materials like wood with a steel fastening plate and shelf clips, making it highly versatile and useful. These shelving units are available in a variety of sizes and styles, which makes it easy to find one to match the design and decor of your shed or garage. If you wish to buy these shelves in a kit, then they are available in single and multi-row varieties, with the choice of different sides and features, including locking systems. Check out benefits of using pigeon hole shelving units are available with matching wood strips and hardware.

The best part about using these shelves is that it helps you save a lot of space, allowing you to store all your essential items in a neat and compact manner. This makes them a highly popular choice for storing all kinds of household stuff. Due to its unique design, a pigeon hole shelving unit not only helps you save space, but also offers superior strength and durability, allowing it to last for a long period of time without showing any signs of wear or tear. One of the most popular brands is Kingsley-Bate, which offers a wide variety of pigeon hole shelving units in many styles and configurations, including those in wood and aluminum. They are extremely convenient and effective when it comes to increasing the storage space of your garage or shed. You can find such units in the market at all leading hardware stores and distributors.