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Best Greens Powder DrinkBest Greens Powder Drink

After testing hundreds of the leading brands of green powdered supplements, we’ve found that most of them don’t live up to their claims. Although we’ve used a lot of these products and found good results from many, there was a handful that simply did not live up to our high expectations. Because of this, we’ve put together a review of the best greens powders to help you decide if this is the right supplement for you. Let’s take a look at what we considered when rating the best green powder drink.

Super Green Food Recipes

We looked at several different key ingredients to help determine which was the best of the bunch. Among the main ones we looked at were: Green Coffee Beans, Chlorella, Bentonite Clay, Psyllium, and Flax Seed Oil. Green Coffee Beans, Chlorella, and Psyllium had impressive test results that range from excellent to excellent. All three have been tested in labs by independent scientists and all three demonstrated very strong effects on digestive health. These ingredients help to cleanse the colon and increase digestive vibrance.

The last two ingredients, Flax Seed Oil and Bentonite clay both had good test results that range from marginal to excellent. They are both considered to be effective sources of essential fatty acids, the kinds of vitamins essential for building healthy cells and membranes in the body. Our recommendation for the best multivitamin greens powders is to choose those with a combination of vitamin B, D, and E. In fact, these three vitamins combined are the absolute best source of these substances. If you use multivitamins that do not contain these substances, then you are really just throwing your money away. Your body will not absorb any of the vitamins unless the manufacturer includes them.