Day: July 5, 2022

IPAF TrainingIPAF Training

IPAF Training

If you’re considering working at heights or with powered access equipment, it’s vital to undergo IPAF Training. This training course combines theory with practical application to help you become familiar with the IPAF platform and to apply the safety precautions necessary to use these tools safely. This IPAF-certified course typically lasts one to two days and is accredited by TUV. If you’re interested in learning more about IPAF, you can learn more about it here.

 Learn More About IPAF MEWP Certification

You can choose from one of two routes to achieve your IPAF MEWP certification. IPAF MEWP training is delivered online, on-site, or through eLearning. Both options provide access to the same high-quality theory training you’d receive in the classroom. You can take IPAF eLearning courses at your own pace, and even complete them from your home or office. During IPAF training, you’ll learn about the use of MEWPs and how to conduct PDIs and safe operation. In addition, you’ll also complete a written test.

In addition to providing the necessary knowledge and skills to operate powered access equipment, IPAF training will teach participants how to assess risk and develop rescue plans. The IPAF certification is globally recognized, and can benefit operators, managers, and other individuals who work with these machines. The International Powered Access Federation is the body that administers IPAF training. Its members include manufacturers, distributors, and training companies. If you’re looking for a quality IPAF training course, UK Industries is one of the leading training providers.