Day: May 4, 2021

Damp On WallsDamp On Walls

Damp on walls is often an annoying and very embarrassing problem for a lot of homeowners. The causes of damp walls can mainly be due to water ingression from the exterior of the house, groundwater penetrating the structure via groundwater or even condensation from the roof. In order to fix such a problem, there are various different methods that you can employ. This article will discuss them all extensively in detail and you will see which method is best for your particular problem. Click here –

A Serious But Common Problem In Home Construction

Damp on wall problems are usually caused by condensation or leakage. The most effective way to treat a damp wall is to fix the leaks or condensation. If you live in a condensing building then you should know that condensation will build up on your walls in due course and eventually the dampness will start affecting the quality of your insulation. If you have a leaky roof, the problem will get worse as water will start to penetrate through it and thus leaking into your walls.

You need to act quickly and fix the problem before it gets worse. You can do this by using plastic sheets to help prevent dampness from getting into the rooms. Another common solution for damp walls is drywall tape. Damp proofing is the best solution to damp walls, especially if you live in a high rise building. If you live in an apartment and you have wooden floors, you can cover the floor with the special damp proof tape.