Adapt appliances for UK use

Using electrical products from other countries

Do not put yourselves or others at risk by using foreign electrical plugs in UK sockets.

Using foreign appliances in UK sockets is dangerous if their plugs have not been converted for UK use, and it could result in a fire or electric shock.

  • The plug and socket could overheat and start a fire
  • The appliance cable could overheat and start a fire
  • You could get an electric shock
  • Lack of fuse protection increases the risk of fire

EU Conversion Plugs

There are ways to improve the safety of your foreign appliances. You can use an EU conversion plug, which have several benefits.

  • They can be fitted easily, quickly and safely
  • They will make the electrical appliance safe for use in UK sockets
  • They will reduce the risk of fire
  • They will reduce the risk of electric shock

However, before using a conversion plug you should:

  • Always check that the type of conversion plug you use is suitable for the EU plug
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when fitting a conversion plug
  • Do not use travel adaptors long term. They are not suitable or safe alternative for continuous use
  • We recommend you replace the appliance with a UK standard electrical product if the plug is not suitable for conversion

What is a fuse and why is it important?

  • It is a safety device fitted in all UK 13A plugs and EU conversion plugs.
  • Its purpose is to protect the cable from taking too much electric current and overheating
  • It will cut off an electrical current in the event of a fault