Greater Manchester: A Hotspot For Electrical Fires

22 November 2018

All across England, fires caused by electrical faults are unfortunately not an uncommon daily occurrence. However new figures reveal the country’s hotspot for electrical fires – Greater Manchester.

Over the past year, 860 electrical fires were reported in Greater Manchester resulting in over 100 recorded casualties/fatalities. Nearly half of these were as a result of faulty electrical appliances.

Here at Electrical Safety First, we want to help raise awareness on how to protect your home appliances from electrical accidents all across Greater Manchester. That’s why we have launched our latest campaign with Doris – our fabulous foul-mouthed granny. After all, #NanKnowsBest! Check it out below…

We urge all Greater Manchester residents to register their electrical appliances. A huge 86% of people in GM mistakenly believed that manufacturers want people to register appliances so that they can share your details with other manufacturers and/or send out marketing material. However, this just isn’t the case! Registering your appliances will allow the manufacturer to get in contact with you in case they need to recall the product, ensuring that you are kept out of harm’s way should an appliance be faulty.

Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes.  The easiest way to register your product is to do it online. Visit our Product Registration page for more information. It should take just a couple of minutes.

In order to register your product, you’ll usually need:

  • The brand name
  • The model (usually either a name or a number)
  • The serial number
  • The date of purchase (or as near to it as you can remember)

To find out more about how to keep you house as safe as possible check out:

To register your appliance, visit:

For a full press release on electrical fires in Greater Manchester click here.

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