Private Members' Bill Ballot

20 May 2021

Today twenty MPs were selected in a Ballot that allows them to present a Private Members' Bill in the House of Commons. The successful MPs, drawn from a pool of over 450 applicants representing the majority of Back Bench MPs, will find themselves very popular over the next few days, with charities, lobbyists and campaigners contacting them to ask them to support their causes.

Electrical Safety First will, of course, be getting in touch with them. We believe that there is a need for legislation that protects shoppers buying from online marketplaces, currently not subject to the same regulation as other UK retailers. You can find out more about the campaign and sign our petition in support of it here.

But if your MP is on the list below, there's more that you can do. If you can get in touch with them to ask them to support Electrical Safety First, it will make our voice that bit louder and help us stand out from the crowd.

Click on the links below to find out how to contact your MP:

1. Mark Jenkinson, Workington

2. Barry Gardiner, Brent North

3. Carolyn Harris, Swansea East

4. Dr Liam Fox, North Somerset

5. Sajid Javid, Bromsgrove

6. Kevin Brennan, Cardiff West

7. Jeff Smith, Manchester Withington

8. Colum Eastwood, Foyle

9. Peter Gibson, Darlington

10. Dr Ben Spencer, Runnymede and Weybridge

11. Mel Stride, Central Devon

12. Margaret Ferrier, Rutherglen and Hamilton West

13. Matt Rodda, Reading East

14. Jane Stevenson, Wolverhampton North East

15. Chris Bryant, Rhondda

16. Sir Paul Beresford, Mole Valley

17. Jeremy Wright, Kenilworth and Southam

18. Richard Fuller, North East Bedfordshire

19. Andrew Rosindell, Romford

20. Rosie Cooper, West Lancashire


What Happens Next?

The order of MPs is important - the top seven are more or less guaranteed time for debate on their Bill. The other 13 MPs will be given the chance to introduce their Bills as time permits.

Electrical Safety First would like to congratulate all of the successful MPs and hopes that they will be open to discussing the vital safety issue of the regulation of online marketplaces.

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