Other Campaigning Areas

All of our consumer campaigns are supported with robust evidence, whether that is Government data, commissioned research into specific issues, Freedom of Information requests, and consumer attitude research.

This evidence highlights specific safety issues and audiences and, as well as running regular campaigns to raise awareness of the priorities identified in our strategy, we also use media and digital campaigns to share important safety messages around a number of subjects. These include:

Kitchen and Cooking Safety - over half of all accidental electrical fires start in the kitchen. For our most recent campaign, we teamed up with celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager to offer some simple safety tips.

Modern Family Life - keeping children safe in homes full of electrical games and gadgets.

Safety for Older People - more likely to live in older homes without modern electrical safety features, our campaigns encourage people to check in on older neighbours and friends.

Student Safety - offering advice to young people probably living away from home for the first time. We even visited the University of Birmingham, an area identified as particularly at risk, to share some safety messages with the students by projecting them on the walls of the Halls of Residence.

Seasonal Campaigns

We also share topical messages both through traditional media and online for Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and other seasonal opportunities. 

Black Friday