Laptop Chargers

Charging laptops safely

Laptops come in handy when you’re working on the go – but using a fake laptop charger to boost power can quickly lead to disaster.

The main appeal of laptops is, of course, that you can take them anywhere with you. But always remembering to bring your charger along as well can be tricky....

That’s why many people choose to buy a second laptop charger, so they can keep one at home and stow another in their laptop bag.

When it comes to purchasing an ‘extra’ or replacement charger, it’s vital that you go to a reputable manufacturer. Counterfeit laptop chargers often don’t meet UK safety regulations, and frequently use poor quality components that can lead to fires, electric shocks and other injuries.

Read on to discover more about the importance of using a suitable charger with your particular laptop model.

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Acer laptop chargers

Acer laptops are well-known for being compact, stylish and good value, and the Acer Aspire range in particular is popular amongst both household and small businesses users.

But did you know how dangerous it can be to use a counterfeit laptop charger with your Acer laptop? Not only can they damage your computer, but they can also cause electric shocks and fires too.

Use our 3-point safety check to establish if your laptop charger’s safe to use.

Packard Bell laptop chargers

Packard Bell laptops, and the EasyNote range especially, are a big hit with students as they’re generally affordable. Many of the more recent models boast touchscreen control too.

When it comes to charging your laptop, you should always purchase a Packard Bell-branded charger or buy a safety-checked alternative from another trusted retailer.

Worried that the charger you’re currently using might not be fit for purpose? Our 3-point safety check can help you find out for sure.

Asus laptop chargers

With a huge range of Asus notebooks and ultrabooks available, there’s one to suit every type of user, from gamers to business users.

To prevent your laptop from getting damaged as well as protect yourself from receiving a nasty shock, it’s important that you use either an Asus-branded charger or one provided by another reputable retailer.

Concerned that your laptop charger might not be all it seems? Read our 3-point safety check to check that it’s safe.

Dell laptop chargers

While they were once only available to buy online, you can now pick up reliable Dell computers from selected retailers on the high street too.

When it comes to boosting the battery power on your Dell laptop, you should always use a charger from a reputable manufacturer.

Think the laptop charger you’re using could be a fake or otherwise not fit for purpose? Follow our 3-point safety check to find out for sure.

Hewlett-Packard laptop chargers

Hewlett-Packard (which is often shortened to HP) is particularly renowned for its range of printers – but they also build very capable laptops including the COMPAQ too.

You should always have an HP charger to hand so that you won’t run out of battery power. And to prevent electrical accidents, you need to be 100% sure that this charger is definitely suitable to use.

If you want to check that the charger you’re using with your Hewlett-Packard laptop is totally safe, follow our 3-point safety check.

Lenovo laptop chargers

From the G50-30 to the Flex 10, Lenovo laptops come in a range of configurations, including convertible touchscreen and tablet functionality.

If you want to leave one Lenovo charger at home and pick up another to carry with you, you should always be sure to buy from a reputable retailer.

If you think you’ve been sold a counterfeit or dangerous laptop charger, read our 3-point safety check.

Samsung laptop chargers

Samsung has been a technology leader for some time, and things are no different when it comes to the world of computing.

Whether you own a Series 5, ATIV Book, Series 7 or one of the many other laptops in the Samsung range, you should always use a charger that you’re sure has gone through the required safety checks.

To find out if you’ve been sold a potentially dangerous fake charger, follow our 3-point safety check.

Toshiba laptop chargers

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba is a trusted name in technology, and their laptops are amongst the market leaders.

The best way to be sure that you’re not sold a potentially dangerous charger that could damage your Toshiba laptop is to buy from a regulated high street store or another reputable retailer.

You can use our 3-point safety check to discover how to spot a fake.

Advent laptop chargers

Advent laptops are particularly well known for being budget-friendly.

But when it comes to picking up a laptop charger for your Advent machine, trying to make savings by picking up a counterfeit version is never a smart move.

Our 3-point safety check will help you to identify a laptop charger that’s not fit for use.

PC Specialist laptop chargers

PC Specialist is one of the UK’s best-known custom PC and laptop manufacturer, and its powerful laptops are especially popular with keen gamers.

If you’ve invested in a PC Specialist laptop, you won’t want to risk any complications by purchasing a dodgy laptop charger.

You can follow our 3-point safety check to make sure that your charger is safe to use.

Apple MacBook chargers

Apple MacBooks – with their sleek design and distinctive operating system – are rightly considered to be some of the best laptops on the market.

In order to avoid putting yourself or your machine in danger, it’s vital that you use a MacBook charger provided by Apple or another qualified, trusted retailer.

Our 3-point safety check is the easiest way to ensure you haven’t been sold a counterfeit or otherwise unsafe charger.

Chromebook chargers

Chromebook technology was first introduced in 2011 as an alternative to the Windows and Apple operating system.

Do you have a laptop that runs on Chrome? When it comes to boosting the battery power, you’ll want to be sure you’re using a charger that’s totally safe.

Take a look at our 3-point safety check to discover the signs to look out for when it comes to fake or dangerous chargers.

Sony laptop chargers

There are a huge range of Sony Vaio laptops available, each designed to suit different types of users.

As counterfeit laptop chargers can cause injury and even fire, you should always use a safety-regulated charger with your Sony Vaio laptop.

Follow our 3-point safety check to check if the charger you’re using might be dangerous.