Solar Panels

Solar Panel Safety

Solar electric panels (also called photovoltaic panels) convert the sun’s energy into electricity, and are an environmentally-friendly addition to your home.

Solar power could make up 20% of global electricity production by 2027, but at present they are still an evolving technology. If you’re thinking about getting solar panels installed, make sure to have a read through our safety advice first to ensure that you’re aware of the potential risks.

  • As there is no switch to turn a solar panel system off, small issues such as leaves under the panels or an electrical fault can turn into big problems.
  • Most solar panels don’t have an automatic fire detection system, so a fire can take hold quickly and spread before it is discovered.  The design of some solar panel systems can also make it more difficult to reach a fire with water.
  • We advise that you use an experienced, registered electrician to fit your solar panels and also arrange regular inspections and testing. Solar panels are an emerging industry, and some people who claim to be experts in the field may not always know exactly what they’re doing. Play it safe and choose a registered electrician who has been trained to fit and maintain solar panels to industry standards.

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