Beha-Amprobe MT204-S with Test Leads Recall

19 April 2024


Electric shock.

Models affected

Model: MT204-S
Affected serial number range: 4106XXXX – 6211XXXX


The product is a machinery tester supplied with a set of unshrouded test leads that does not require two-hand operation. The leads are used to interconnect the Machinery Tester to an electrical machine for (high voltage) measurement purposes.

EN 61557-14, requires two-hand operation for test equipment when used for high voltage testing as an additional level of protection against electric shock during use. As of 1 July 2018, the shrouded test leads set initially supplied for use with the Machinery Tester, which required two-hand use, was inadvertently replaced with an alternative unshrouded test leads set that did not require two-hand operation. The inclusion of unshrouded test leads resulted in the machinery tester not being compliant with EN 61577-14 and not compliant with the essential health and safety requirements.