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FPL “Smart Meter” Opt-Out: Final Comments Due January 7, 2014!

NOTE: Please see also: Florida Public Service Commission to take up Smart Meters January 7, 2014 Docket # 130223 Florida Power & Light “Petition for approval of optional non-standard meter rider” From STOP ‘SMART METERS’, FLORIDA!… Just a … Continue reading

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FPL Admits that Time-of-Use Rates Are On the Way…

[CHASM comment: During FPL’s “smart” meter rollout, its public relations professionals have taken great pains to AVOID acknowledging that FPL intends to eventually implement “time-of-use” rates. Time-of-use rates incentivize electric usage for the times that suit the utility’s generating schedule. … Continue reading

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Florida “Smart” Meters: “With Whom Does the Buck Stop?”

Not with Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Ronald Brise! In June, 2012, WPTV broadcast comments by Chairman Brise, which speaks volumes about the PSC’s dereliction of duty and gross disregard for public safety under his leadership: “I want to … Continue reading

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