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Please Act NOW to Stop MOBILE NOW act S.19 and DIGIT act S.88

Below is some helpful information about how to stop the MOBILE NOW and DIGIT acts, which would put small cell antennas outside every couple of homes AND in public right of ways with NO recourse. They would also take away … Continue reading

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Car Hacking – The Issue We’re Wrongly Ignoring

[Our comment: Gee, ya think?! It is astonishing to us that so many of the people who seemingly can’t wait to have their own ‘autonomous’ vehicle, have apparently never heard of (or forgotten?) the notorious ‘blue screen of death’…  when … Continue reading

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“Smart” Meters interfere with baby monitors, other household gadgets

[Original article here:] EXCERPT: You’ve read about problems with PG&E’s SmartMeter, especially the folks who claim it’s causing huge increases in their electrical bills. But that’s not the only issue with the vaunted high-tech device. As Pacific Gas & … Continue reading

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