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Smart Attack!

infomaticfilms Published on May 15, 2017 * * *WARNING – HEAVY IRONY AHEAD – USE CRITICAL THINKING* Ever wondered why your energy supplier and governments are so keen to give you a smart meter? We lay out some not-so-good … Continue reading

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FPL “Smart Meter” Opt-Out: Final Comments Due January 7, 2014!

NOTE: Please see also: Florida Public Service Commission to take up Smart Meters January 7, 2014 Docket # 130223 Florida Power & Light “Petition for approval of optional non-standard meter rider” From STOP ‘SMART METERS’, FLORIDA!… Just a … Continue reading

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What’s happened to the millions of ANALOG meters removed by Florida utilities?

Tampa Electric (TECO), in a November, 2011 email, wrote the following in reply to a TECO customer’s inquiry about the fate of the analog meters removed by TECO: “… We are retiring all analog meters and not processing any of … Continue reading

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