Our Mission

Coalition for Health, Against “Smart” Meters (CHASM):

“Exposing the CHASM between government and industry claims about ‘smart’ grids and meters and the harmful realities.”

Founded in Florida, and part of a quickly-growing nationwide movement, CHASM exposes the chasm that lies between government and industry claims of benefit from wireless (so-called) “smart” meters – alleged energy conservation – and the dangerous, wasteful, hazardous and otherwise harmful realities.

“Smart” Meters are not safe, not “green,” not healthy, not private, not secure, not necessary, and they violate peoples’ utility contracts.

CHASM seeks immediate local, state, and national moratoria on the deployment of wireless meters and their infrastructures – “grids.” Due to their operations by means of pulse-modulated, microwave radiation for the broadcast of ratepayer customer data, “smart” grids and meters are inherently hazardous to human, animal and plant health.

CHASM educates the public, accurately informing people of their contractual and constitutional rights, including the right to REFUSE the installation and operation of wireless, microwave-irradiating meters.

CHASM builds alliances with the widely divergent individuals, organizations and communities who, when given the facts, wisely oppose wireless meters.