Governor Rick Scott Approves Small Cell Infrastructure Deployment Act

[Thank you to STOP SMART METERS, FLORIDA (, for the following excerpt of a recent email.]

HB687 – Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act (small cells) was approved into law on Friday, June 23, by Gov. Scott, it is effective 7/1/17.

The bill can be found here at this link:

Essentially it strips local control over the placement of small cell infrastructure in the rights of way on your property. Locals can not restrict structures up to 50 feet. Refrigerator size equipment cabinets can hang off of poles or sit on your lawn.

If your city/county/town has a telecommunications tower ordinance, they will be revising it to comply with this new law. So contact your locals and get involved. Some things we can ask for is advanced notification to property owners and possibly some say on where it goes on the property. Also remember the WSJ article regarding current cell towers exceeding FCC limits, see . Since the FCC does not adequately control this, how is the town/city/county going to ensure compliance? Maybe we can request annual testing, random inspections or penalties for non-compliance into the codes.



For the record, the Florida “THEFT OF Public Rights-of-Way” bill was sponsored by four Republicans and signed into law by Governor Rick Scott, a Republican.

Does their party affiliation even matter, in an era when the hazardous RF/microwave industry essentially owns both major parties? In this particular matter, regarding the Florida state legislature giving away what is essentially the entirety of our private property — as well as our “commons” — over to the special interests of the telecommunications and wireless industries, our focus now turns to California.

The Democrats run California, and now they are poised to pass into law what is basically the same industry-written text as was just approved by Republicans here in Florida.

For a compelling summary of the terrible and inherently harmful California legislation — very similar to that which was just signed into Florida law by Gov. Scott — we turn to Josh Hart, founder of the California-based

Josh Hart of Stop Smartmeters Testifies Against California Senate Bill SB 649

For additional video testimony, please see:

“Microwave Radiation has been Shown to Cause Neurological Damage”– Physicians and Other SB 649 Opponents Address California Assembly June 28th

NOTE: It’s still not too late to STOP the California legislation. If you have friends or family in California, please encourage them to get active immediately. More information at (California).



CS/CS/HB 687: Utilities

GENERAL BILL by Commerce Committee ; Energy and Utilities Subcommittee ; La Rosa ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Avila ; Drake ; Gruters

Utilities; Authorizes DOT & certain local governmental entities to prescribe & enforce rules re: placing & maintaining communications services lines/wireless facilities; prohibits authority regulation of facility collocation; authorizes authority to require registration process & permit fees; requires authority to process applications; prohibits authority from requiring approval/fees for maintenance/placement of facilities; provides requirements for collocation on authority utility poles; requires authority to waive certain application & placement requirements; prohibits authority from adopting/enforcing certain regulations & imposing certain fees; authorizes wireless infrastructure provider to apply to place utility poles; authorizes authority to enforce certain local codes/rules/regulations under certain circumstances.

Effective Date: 7/1/2017
Last Action: 6/26/2017 – Chapter No. 2017-136, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/CS/HB 865 (Ch. 2017-42)
Bill Text: PDF
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