Charter wants to conduct 28 GHz 5G experiments in Florida

A recent (4/5/17) report from represents bad news for all of us opposed to the needless proliferation  throughout our environment of man-made microwave radiation. They report:

Charter Communications appears to be as serious about 5G as anyone, with plans to test antennas at several locations in the Orlando, Florida, area, if the FCC approves its application.

Charter subsidiary CCO Fiberlink filed the paperwork, first spotted by consulting wireless engineer Steve Crowley, that seeks a two-year experimental license beginning June 1 to test and evaluate millimeter wave coverage and capacity performance. The application lists Ericsson as the equipment provider.

Charter intends to conduct fixed wireless experiments in the 28 GHz band—and it’s already coordinated the proposed testing with Straight Path Communications, which holds 28 GHz licenses in the Orlando area, according to the filing.

“The proposed operations will advance Charter’s understanding of 5G technology and network potential in the millimeter wave bands and will advance the deployment of 5G fixed and mobile services,” the company stated in the application.

Antennas will be mounted on a mobile trailer and van with hydraulic masts, which will be moved to each of the requested test locations. Besides Orlando, the application lists Kissimmee, Cape Canaveral, South Daytona and several other Florida markets as test locations. All the locations are owned by Charter and operated as hub sites, headends and offices. In most cases, the surrounding buildings and trees are taller than the masts, which will be raised only when tests are being conducted.


Remember, 5G is bad news for human health, our environment, and for the genuine “sustainability” of our culture.

As the wise folks at What is 5G” ( write:

Every IoT “thing”, including AI and VR, will also irradiate our homes and communities 24/7 with hazardous frequencies of pulsed microwave radiation.

Some of the IoT products currently being manufactured include driverless cars, clothing, toasters, coffee makers, even diapers, and pacifiers for babies will be made “smart”. There will be “smart” mattresses, (with “infidelity detection systems”), “smart” toothbrushes to record and notify you how well you are brushing your teeth, WiFi connected pills to transmit data from inside your belly, and the IoT even “promises” sex-bots and bluetooth tampons.

Although government and industry promote the IoT as the panacea for all ills, the IoT itself, creates a plethora of problems. This website discusses eight ways that 5G and the IoT will cause serious harms to humans, wildlife, and our Earth. After exploring this website and further research, you may feel the hoped for benefits of the IoT do not outweigh the very serious harms –  and you may choose to not buy into the IoT, both figuratively and literally.

People need to organize, and urgently, to oppose this harmful technology.

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