Update on Florida Senate Bill 596, “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act”

Thanks to stopsmartmetersfl.org for this update:

The Florida Senate Committee on Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities voted 7-1 to move SB 596 “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act” out of Committee. The bill now moves to the Commerce Committee to be reviewed and voted on. 

I watched the hearing today and it was quite sickening. The bill was introduced as “bringing 5G to the state of Florida” and would be 1) the building blocks of 5G, 2) help cities save energy, decrease traffic congestion, and lower fuel costs and 3) help first responders with public safety.

For the industry it will help streamline application and permitting process; fee structure caps and limit size and heights of small cells.

Many city managers and municipalities attended and they expressed support for the 5G roll-out but opposed the bill. They believed they could work out their own deals with the industry. Industry argued that negotiating 400 deals was too cumbersome and costly. The Chair seemed aggravated that so many signed up to speak and discouraged speakers – maybe he had a drink date. Anyway, after the vote he encouraged the cities to negotiate a deal with industry so they could get a suitable bill.

It was sad to watch. You can watch video at below link of the 3/7/17 mtg, SB 596 starts at about 29:20 mark.


The House bill HB687 was introduced today. Please work your representatives to try and stop this bill.

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