Are Recent Florida Barn Fires — Killing Horses — Linked to ‘Smart’ Meters?

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Update (4/7/2016):
So far we can say that the fire in Fort Pierce does not appear to have been caused by a “smart” meter.
The meter was “smart,” but it was not burned. The property had a trailer and a barn. The pole by the trailer had a smart meter and a line running to the barn; the barn burned down, not the meter and trailer.

The horse barn in which 12 horses died in a fire, also appears (not 100% confirmed) to have a “smart” meter. Sources are examining the fire report. That fire might be a “smart” meter fire. Time will tell.

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There were two recent barn fires in Florida killing horses. Reports indicate they were electrical fires and one mentions the electric meter specifically.

Links are here:

12 horses killed in barn fire in Boynton Beach
“Fire investigators said it was an electrical malfunction that blew the power meter, which in turn set a large pile of hay on fire.”

3 horses killed in barn fire in Fort Pierce
“”It looks like it started in the wall where the electrical service came out. That was also where the hay storage was,” said Fire Chief Mike Merritt.”

Most of the time the utilities swoop in and take the meters from the scene and the official explanation is that the faulty meter box caused the fire.

Let’s hope that these fire departments do an honest investigation. So-called “smart” meter fires continue to occur throughout the country (and world).

For more on “smart” meter links to fires, see:

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