“Your Cell Phone’s Been Nuking Your Johnson” … Erectile Dysfunction & Reduced Sperm Quality

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Cell phone usage and erectile function

Cell Phones And Erectile Dysfunction
Are Cell Phones Causing ED?
According to Badereddin Mohamad, the lead study author, the results are downright scary. Of his findings, Mohamad says, “Men with ED use their phones longer than men without ED, and men who have ED carry their switched-on cell phones significantly longer than men who do not have ED. Our study showed the total time of exposure to the cell phone is much more important than the relatively short duration of intense exposure during phone calls.”

Cell Phones and Erectile Dysfunction: A HealthCentral Explainer

Note: Cell phone radiation’s (RF-EMR) negative impacts DO NOT STOP with erectile dysfunction. There is ample evidence, for example, that cell phone radiation is negatively impacting sperm viability and motility.

See, for example:

Guys: Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Sperm

To follow is a very small sampling of the research confirming this link:

The Effects of Cell Phone Waves (900 MHz-GSM Band) on Sperm Parameters and Total Antioxidant Capacity in Rats
Exposure to cell phone waves can decrease sperm viability and motility in rats. These waves can also decrease sperm total antioxidant capacity in rats and result in oxidative stress.

Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from GSM (0.9/1.8GHz) mobile phones induces oxidative stress and reduces sperm motility in rats.
Given the results of the present study, we speculate that RF-EMR from mobile phones negatively affects semen quality and may impair male fertility.

Effect of mobile telephones on sperm quality: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Mobile phones are owned by most of the adult population worldwide. Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from these devices could potentially affect sperm development and function. Around 14% of couples in high- and middle-income countries have difficulty conceiving, and there are unexplained declines in semen quality reported in several countries. Given the ubiquity of mobile phone use, the potential role of this environmental exposure needs to be clarified. A systematic review was therefore conducted, followed by meta-analysis using random effects models, to determine whether exposure to RF-EMR emitted from mobile phones affects human sperm quality. Participants were from fertility clinic and research centres. The sperm quality outcome measures were motility, viability and concentration, which are the parameters most frequently used in clinical settings to assess fertility. We used ten studies in the meta-analysis, including 1492 samples. Exposure to mobile phones was associated with reduced sperm motility (mean difference -8.1% (95% CI -13.1, -3.2)) and viability (mean difference -9.1% (95% CI -18.4, 0.2)), but the effects on concentration were more equivocal. The results were consistent across experimental in vitro and observational in vivo studies. We conclude that pooled results from in vitro and in vivo studies suggest that mobile phone exposure negatively affects sperm quality. [emphasis added]. Further study is required to determine the full clinical implications for both sub-fertile men and the general population.

Electromagnetic radiation at 900 MHz induces sperm apoptosis [Programmed Cell Death] through bcl-2, bax and caspase-3 signaling pathways in rats.
Excessive oxidative stress alters the expression levels of apoptosis-related genes and triggers sperm apoptosis [Programmed Cell Death] through bcl-2, bax, cytochrome c and caspase-3 signaling pathways.

Laptop WiFi May Damage Sperm, Study Suggests

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