Objection Filed To Google, Inc. License Application at FCC for ‘Project Loon’

On December 17, 2015, Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an Informal Objection under Section 5.95 to Application of Google, Inc., Application for Experimental License, File No. 0747-EX-PL-2015.


GUARDS is an international coalition against global WiFi from space, a complex technology of radiation and toxic chemicals endangering all life on Earth.


While GUARDS wisely opposes any deployment in space of equipment designed to blanket earth with man-made non-ionizing radiation, aka ‘global WiFi,’ its FCC filing is specifically timed to stop Google’s dangerous project called ‘Project Loon.’

Google has requested permission of the US FCC to launch balloons containing antennas for ‘Project Loon,’ which launch Google represents as ‘testing,’ during a 24-month period beginning January 1, 2016. The specific timing of any such deployment is unknown as yet. Google claims full-scale deployment may not occur immediately. Any deployment presumes US FCC approval, which Microwavechasm.org and Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters strongly opposes.

For more on ‘Project Loon,’ see:

Note: MIT Technology Review’s article about ‘Project Loon’ has a predictable “Gee-Whiz” pro-technology tone to it. The URL’s subject title “Google’s Crazy Stratospheric Internet Balloons…” with an emphasis on CRAZY, is our takeaway message from this article. Project Loon is certifiably crazy, is hazardous to life on earth, and should be scrapped immediately!

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Project Loon is Google’s plan to bring Internet to places that don’t have it. It’s also Google’s plan to put its unmanned aerial vehicles all over the globe.

Excerpt from GUARDS Filing to FCC:

Global wireless access, with all its serious safety problems, is an unacceptable hazard. [emphasis added] Widely available fast internet access is a goal that can be safely attained using various forms of cabled connectivity.”

GUARDS Filing to FCC (10-page .pdf) here:

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