Stop Cell Tower on Plantation Golf & Country Club! (Venice, Florida)

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StopPlantationTowerThe Sarasota County Planning Commission Hearing scheduled for September 17 has been postponed to Thursday, November 19, 2015.
We need as many as possible to attend this hearing, so please mark your calendars for 6:30 pm on Thursday, November 19 at the R.L. Anderson Administration Center, 4000 Tamiami Trail, Venice, Florida. This is a critical opportunity for us to voice our opposition to the exception to land use that would allow construction of this cell tower.

Thanks to all who have written letters to the county. We are still encouraging the letter writing campaign, so anyone who hasn’t already voiced their concerns in writing please send an email to and reference file SC 1740. Please copy county commissioners,, and

If you haven’t yet signed the petition, the online version is still accessible through http:/

Text of Petition here:

Disallow Florida Tower Partners the special exception to construct a commercial 125 foot cell tower on land zoned residential in Plantation Golf and Country Club. It will materially alter the beauty, nature, and character of our community. reference 1740
If the cell tower (125 ft. high , circumference of more than 12 ft. ) is constructed it will be as close as 650 feet from homes in the Plantation Golf and Country Club. It will dominate the skyline and compromise the natural beauty of the view we have from our homes and golf course. There is a high risk that it will make homes in the area less desirable and lessen their value. We have tested cell service from 44 locations throughout the Plantation from different providers and found no issue with service. There seems to be no compelling reason why the tower could not be located on commercial property instead of among our homes. Based on Plantation Management Association documents, the estimate for annual revenues would amount to $18.00 per Plantation home per year. For $18 a year is it worth ruining views and risking impact on our property values?


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