Act Now To Stop Electromagnetic Warfare Training at The Olympic Peninsula! [Washington]

Without a nation-wide public outcry, it appears that the Forest Service may permit the Navy to use National Forest lands for Electromagnetic Warfare Training. They plan to announce their “decision” in the next few weeks.

The Warfare Range would also include the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, which provides important habitat for more than 29 species of marine mammals, including migrating Grey whales and millions of nesting seabirds. Bordered by hundreds of miles of rugged wilderness beaches, this Sanctuary offers an extraordinary refuge for both humans and wildlife. See:

Citizens have learned that a slew of letters and emails to Robert Bonnie may be the very best shot we have at defeating this Navy plan. As UnderSecretary of Natural Resources, Robert Bonnie oversees the Forest Service. He is sensitive to public opinion, and he is taking a daily count of the letters of objection he receives.

Please share this urgent petition with your friends and family. Ask them to share it widely. Each time the petition is signed, it generates an email to UnderSecretary Bonnie.

If you know anyone beyond Washington State, include them in your outreach. Mr. Bonnie needs to hear from all across the nation–and the world– that we will not stand idly by as America’s National Parks and Forests are taken over by the military to be used for “training ranges”. These lands belong to the people. They were saved for all of us and for future generations. They were not saved for the Navy.

Even if you have already signed a petition on this issue or sent a letter, it is critical to add your voice to this one. Click here:

UnderSecretary Robert Bonnie: URGENT: Save America’s National Parks and Forests from War Jets!

Can you also reach out to any groups you know, and ask them to circulate the petition? Not only “environmental” groups, but

* spiritual/religious organizations –“Care of God’s Creation”
* outdoor enthusiasts –this will set a precedent for our National Parks!
* health practitioners —radiation and noise: a serious public health threat
* democracy/social justice/civil rights groups –citizens will be subjected to radiation without their consent
* businesses dependent on tourism to the peninsula
* wildlife protection — bird/animal lovers

For more information visit:

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