World’s Authority Dr. Lennart Hardell Links Cell Phones and Wireless to Disease

cellphonebadFrom a wise Floridian:

While leafing through a free magazine, “Healing Our World,” (Vol. 35, Issue 2), at my favorite vegan restaurant with my daughter the other day, I was pretty surprised and absolutely delighted to find an article by Anna Maria Clement about Lennart Hardell, entitled “World’s Authority Dr. Lennart Hardell Links Cell Phones and Wireless to Disease,” on page 15. This complimentary magazine is readily available at the door of many restaurants and health food stores, etc. The article is one page, but hits a lot of solid points regarding children, myelin destruction, cordless home phones and the underreported, sinister nature of the problem. As open-minded as the vegan crowd is, I imagine this will most likely be news to them. Most in the restaurant (local college students) were on their (so-called) “smart” phones.

Hardell states, “Cancer prevention is the privilege of an educated elite since it is well-educated people who have easier access to information sources and can make their own conclusions.”

Sounds like a good argument for labels…

Here is a link to this issue for any interested:

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