FPL replacing the analog meters of ‘refusers,’ with digital ones, without permission?

It appears that FPL is harassing people who have refused so-called
smart-meters (and who have paid the so-called “opt out” monthly fee),
by sending technicians to homes to switch out their analog to a
digital meter. One individual said that the FPL employee said he was
switching all of them out in the area. This happened in Port St Lucie.

Important facts:

FPL has stated in the FPS proceeedings that an analog meter was one of
their so called “non-communicating” meters that would be available.
Please note that these digital meters are not supposed to be “smart”

Should you accept a digital meter?

The decision to accept a digital meter is personal. Some people opted
out for reasons other than health (e.g. – privacy). A regular digital
meter is not sending or collecting detailed readings to the best of my

Digital meters contain switching mode power supplies which create
transient voltages commonly called “dirty electricity” that can affect
your health. see these articles for more in-depth explanation:


If you are electro-sensitive or became ill from the smart meter there
is a good chance the digital meter could also pose health problems.
Those opting out for health issues may want to demand that any
replacement be a simple electromechanical (analog) meter. They will
tell you they don’t have them.

Hold firm, because the PSC proceedings confirm that FPL has analog
meters and you are paying for it!

Please know that FPL is not alerting anyone that they are changing
meters, so if you do not have a padlock or sign on your meter, your
meter could be changed-out without your knowledge. If you do not want
a digital meter, we strongly advise that you place a sign at your
meter giving notice to FPL that the meter is only to be replaced with
an electromechanical (analog) meter, not a digital.


If you are visited or contacted by FPL to have your meter replaced and
want an analog meter replacement, please hold firm. They do have
analogs in stock!

The idea that analog meters are no longer available is pure propaganda
on FPL’s part. Please understand that the states of California,
Arizona and Nevada all have mandated that the opt out meters be analog
meters. If Pacific Gas & Electric, a company larger than FPL, can find
analogs, FPL can find analogs.

Special thanks to http://www.stopsmartmetersfl.org/ for this information.

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