Dear Smart Grid, It’s Over (And it Never Really Began)


It’s over…

You know what it feels like when you’re not being heard? When a relationship seems one-sided? When the other party just takes and never gives back? When they drone on for hours about themselves and their needs and never ask you what you’re thinking or feeling?

This might sound familiar if you have recently communicated with your utility company regarding “smart meters.” Utility call centers in 2015- you should know- have been converted into tightly controlled disseminators of smart grid propaganda. This regime has little room for customer choice, and it has little room for dissenting opinions challenging the “fact” that smart meters are safe and beneficial. Never mentioned are those radical Tin Foil Hat lunatics at the World Health Organization, who include smart meter radiation on their list of possible human carcinogens or the Luddites over at the physicians organization American Academy of Environmental Medicine who are calling for a moratorium on smart meter installation.


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