Please Take Action to Protest so-called “Smart” Meters!

After the September 30th Hearing, the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) is now stating that its FPSC staff will issue a recommendation report on 12/4/14, to be discussed at the Commission Conference Agenda meeting on 12/16/14, with a final Order to be issued on 1/5/15.

It is imperative that we have as many ratepayer voices formally posted to this docket. If you have not logged a formal written complaint at the FPSC as well as written your legislators on this subject manner, please do so as soon as possible.

The briefs from the remaining “Intervenors” (for “cost-related” issues only) are posted as follows:

Martin, et al:

Office of Public Counsel (OPC):

The Larsons:

All documents for Docket (130223) can be accessed here:

The docket schedule is posted here:

We ask that you encourage others you know who are opposed to smart meters or who had to accept them because they could not afford the extortion fees, to do so too.

(The following is slightly modified from, and shared with thanks to, “Stop Smartmeters FL”:

FP&L Customers:
If you have a smart meter and want it to be removed, call FP&L at 1-866-252-6047. Please note that as of June 2014 billing, FP&L will be charging you a one time of $95 and a monthly fee of $13 for what they call “Non-Standard Meter Service” (“Non-std meter surcharge” on the FP&L bill). According to the FPSC, FP&L is allowed to charge this fee but must hold the revenues they collect “subject to refund” while the protest filing is being heard.

All Electric Customers:
If you believe you have a right to refuse these smart meters (regardless of who serves your electric (FP&L, Duke, etc.), please take the following action:

1. Lodge a formal complaint with the Florida Service Public Commission
or you can call them at 1-800-342-3552.

Assistance on how to file a complaint online:

2. Call or write your State Representatives. To find out who your representatives are and their contact information, go to:

Florida House:

Florida Senate:

3. Call or Write Governor Scott:
or you can call him at 1-850-488-7146.

Thank you!

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