Register your ‘Smart’ Meter COMPLAINTS to FL PSC before the 9/30/14 Hearing!

Here is an update on the upcoming Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) hearing on FP&L’s extortionate fees imposed just to maintain the same contract and same meter — analog.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30th and Monday, October 1st.

As you know, two citizen groups (Martin and Jones) filed petitions in February against FP&L’s fees. Another person, through her attorney, filed to intervene.

Sadly, our petition (the so-called “Ahn Petition”) lost its attorney when Nicholas Jones withdrew from our case. One petitioner on that petition has filed the necessary papers in time, and will continue pro se.

“Smart Meter” refusers owe a debt of gratitude to the various persons who have spent enormous amounts of time and money securing attorneys on behalf of Floridians. Recently, Marilynne Martin and her petitioners have secured a new attorney to challenge, at the upcoming hearing, the bogus FPL charges (approved by FPSC) to those who refuse AMI “smart” meters.

As you should be aware, all disputes regarding health, privacy and safety — without ever having received their due hearing process — were cut by the pre-hearing officer in May in response to FP&L’s Motion to Dismiss. Next week’s hearing is set only to receive argument on matters related to costs.

The hearing is a regulatory hearing that is run similar to a court proceeding. Therefore, the hearing has no public comment period — nor has there ever been such, on the most salient problems with AMI. Floridians within a reasonable driving distance are encouraged to come and listen. If you can not be there in person, you can watch online live or through the FPSC archives at a later time.


Official announcement:


Date: September 30, 2014 and October 1, 2014

Place: Florida Public Service Commission
4075 Esplanade Way
Room 148, Betty Easley Conference Center
Tallahassee, Florida

Time: 9:30am

Parties positions can be found here:

The hearing can be accessed online here:

It would be great if you can attend, but if not, please remember to get your official complaints in to the FPSC; call 1-800-342-3552 to light up the FPSC phone lines before the hearing (from 9am to 9:30am), with your official complaints.

You may also lodge a formal complaint with the FPSC, online here:

IMPORTANT: Please register your official, formal complaints not as “opinions,” nor as “concerns,” but simply as MATERIAL DISPUTED FACTS!

Additional FPSC contact information is here:

You might also register your formal complaint with the Office of Public Counsel, J.R. Kelly (information here, by calling his Lifeline: 1-800-540-7039

… or via his online complaint form:

Additional Action Steps, here:

Please encourage others to get their complaints in. Please remember to use Docket #130223 when sending correspondence to the FPSC on this problem.

In a recent email, Marilynne Martin wrote:

“We will do our best to put forth the evidence to show why these extortion fees should be reversed. Prayers are also welcomed!”

Ms. Martin has written useful summaries of the fraud involved with the “smart meter” costs, which are posted here:

A Different Opinion on Smart Meter “Phobia”

FP&L’s Smart Meter Woes: Billing for Services Not Performed & Threatening Shut Offs to Disabled Veterans

Florida CHASM (Coalition for Health, Against ‘Smart’ Meters)
Stop Smart Meters, Florida


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