Florida report on energy company influence over legislature and Public Service Commission


[CHASM comment: Good article on the state of the FPSC and the utilities prepared by Smart Meter Harm in California at the above link.]

Also noted in the article:

“Meanwhile, the Florida energy companies will ask the PSC tomorrow to eliminate energy conservation goals, and the public is not allowed to speak at the hearing.

The state’s energy future depends almost exclusively on construction of expensive new power plants, the utilities argued in preparation for the Public Service Commission hearing and in their previous public statements.

The utilities see little merit in any other strategy.

Solar energy? Not reliable. Increased efforts to encourage use of energy efficient appliances and building practices? Not “cost effective.” Studies that show it is cheaper to conserve power than to generate it? Misleading.

Given the pattern of recent decisions, there’s a good chance the PSC will approve the requests from Duke Energy, Tampa Electric Co. and Florida Power & Light to gut conservation goals.

Ratepayers alarmed at that prospect will have no opportunity to object at Monday’s hearing. The proceedings will be too ”technical,” the PSC said.”

According to industry/government propaganda, we all need smart meters so that we have energy usage information in order to learn how to “conserve.” Meanwhile, the utility industry want to gut their energy conservation targets. But we knew this was a lie anyway. Smart meters were instituted to facilitate dynamic pricing with which you will be charged more for using electricity at certain times of the day when they don’t want you to.

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