Latest ‘Martin Petition’ Filing Challenges FPL ‘Smart Meter’ Costs


Q. What should the Commission do to arrive at fair, just and reasonable rates for NSMR customers?
A. In order for fair, just and reasonable rates to be calculated the Commission should
either 1) open up the entire AMI project for review now that it has been completed and adjust basic rates to reflect the new standard service as well as determine the incremental costs for non-standard service or 2) wait until next rate case when costs of the new standard meter service are better known and the incremental costs can be better determined.

Q. Will not charging NSM customers at this time result in discrimination against other customers?
A. No. The other customers are not going to see a change in their rates at this time. It will only be a problem if the issue is not addressed and properly evaluated at the next general rate tariff.

Q. Should the Commission consider an alternative to FP&L manual monthly meter readings?
A. Yes. There is also a basic business and ratemaking principle to be cost efficient and
mitigate costs. The question of whether it was possible to use estimated readings or self reads for the NSMR customers was never addressed in this proceeding or previously.
The docket consumer correspondence file includes many customers who expressed a
preference for this solution. The current rules allow for estimated billing, not to exceed
six months. The Commission needs to further explore why this option cannot be utilized at least on a temporary basis. This would significantly lower the costs of providing this service and provide an affordable rate structure for the NSMR customers.

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