Is FPL Removing Analog Meters from Those Who Have Already ENROLLED in its so-called “NSMR” Program?

Is FPL engaging in willful fraud and deceit?

Over the past two years, CHASM has received multiple reports from FPL customers who stated that, during FPL’s infamous and so-called “Delay List” period, FPL’s installers had installed “smart” meters on the premises of FPL customers who had communicated with FPL their desire to be on the “delay list” and moreover, their insistence on NOT having a “smart” meter.

This was bad enough. Is FPL’s conduct now getting even more diabolical?

Fast forward to recent days…

We have received a very disturbing report of FPL sending technicians to homes that have already AGREED, in writing, to pay FPL’s extortionate and coercive fees, to NOT have a so-called “smart” meter installed on their premises. (These customers have enrolled in FPL’s so-called “non-standard meter reading” or NSMR program. This program turns logic upside-down, in an Orwellian fashion, by calling the reliable, safe, durable and accurate ANALOG meter, which has been the standard for 100 years , the “NON-standard” meter!)

It is CHASM’s understanding that, according to the FPL’s own stated protocol per the Tariff, approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (and currently being challenged by two different Petitions), FPL is supposed to leave the existing analog meter in place until such time as it fails mechanically and must be replaced.

At such time, FPL would then install a NON-TRANSMITTING digital meter (not a “smart” meter).

CHASM this week received the following report, from an FPL customer who wishes to remain anonymous:

FPL just came by again with a smart meter and was getting ready to install. If we had not been home I would have lost my analogue. Not only did ‘Mike’ tell me they are told to install them EVEN if you have a sign on the meter saying do not install smart meter. So, that is what they are doing now to all those who opted to pay the $95 fee etc in the guise of… ”Well, so many people have decided they WANT a smart meter now because they don’t want to pay the fee so we just figured you wanted a smart meter!”

I asked him about the work order here to see if it showed we will pay the fees — he said there was nothing about that in his work order and he has no idea who ordered it done. So this is the plan. Even though we sent in a letter saying we would pay the fees, we called and spoke to FPL about same and we even emailed them and even got a reply back acknowledging that we want to keep our analogue … they STILL tried to do it.

All I can say is thank God I was home from [out of town]. I educated Mike the FPL guy with all I know. I showed him my meter reader and he was amazed — he said he works around reams and banks of smart meters daily. He said this week I was not the first to tell him why smart meters were not wanted.

And also remember my discussions with Cynthia at FPL about smart meters — gobs of emails about this. So they know. They apparently will not comply with our wishes. At some point, my guess is, I will not be home and there will be a new smart meter installed on my house.

CHASM urges those who have “enrolled” in FPL’s extortionate, coercive “NSMR” program to watch for this to happen, even though you have agreed to pay the coercive fees to FPL.

CHASM asks, With a compliant and servile Florida Public Service Commission, who will ensure that FPL does not abuse its power?

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