Re: Your so-called FPL ‘Choice’ — Submit Your FPL ‘Smart’ Meter Complaint to FL Public Service Commission!

The Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) needs to hear from more Florida Power & Light (FPL) customers who are opposed to FPL’s violations of their inherent rights to health, privacy, and property, from FPL’s coercive, intrusive, and extortionate so-called “smart” meter (AMI communications device) fees.

FPL is noticing its customers who have to date refused its hazardous meters, with a misleading letter designed to intimidate these customers into either: a) agreeing to pay FPL’s extortionate fees in order to avoid the “smart” meter, or b) “accepting” the installation of the hazardous “smart” meter.

Why is it important to file official utility complaints with FPSC?
Customer complaints must be recorded in the official record of complaints against FPL.
The performance of utilities like FPL is measured, in part, by how many complaints are filed against them.

Tens of thousands of Floridians have wisely REFUSED FPL “smart” meters. It’s time for FPSC to receive many more official complaints!

Here’s a helpful guide on how to submit your complaint to FPSC about FPL’s “smart” meter program:

Step 1. Go to:

Then, click on “Electric,” as shown in red here:

PSC Complaint, Step 1

Step 2. You will then see a list of utilities; select “Florida Power & Light Company”:

PSC Complaint, Step 2

Step 3. Fill in your Contact Information, and your Service Account Information, as shown here:

PSC Complaint, Step 3 and 4

Step 4. Type your Complaint Details. Be sure to include your personal reasons for opposing FPL’s coercive “smart” meter program, including your objections (not trivial “concerns”) based on health, privacy, safety, or property rights reasons.

Steps 5 & 6: After you’ve described your complaint, be sure to select “Florida Public Service Commission” as the recipient of your complaint. If you file your complaint with FPL instead, then the Florida Public Service Commission will likely never receive your complaint.

PSC Complaint, Step 5 and 6

While you may wish to also notice FPL that you REFUSE its “smart” meter, (or, alternatively, that you are only getting the “smart” meter under severe coercion and duress, pending the outcome of the Petition proceedings pertaining to Docket #130223, see: ), the FPSC has a legal obligation to record your complaint and to carefully consider it in future administrative matters… whereas FPL is busy strong-arming its customers and ignoring mounting opposition to its taxpayer-subsidized, so-called “smart” meter program.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be legal advice.

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