Floridians Fight Back Against ‘Smart’ Meters

More than 100 Florida Power & Light (FPL) customers who don’t want a so-called “smart” meter and don’t want to pay extra to keep their safe, reliable, and durable analog meters have filed two separate 60-page petitions with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC). The “smart” meter is actually an AMI network communications device, deploying hazardous RF radiation.

On Jan. 7th, the PSC gave FPL approval to charge customers who refuse an AMI device a one-time $95 enrollment fee and a $13 monthly surcharge beginning in June.

Documents submitted to the FPSC can be downloaded at the links below in pdf:

FL PSC filing 00582-14

FL PSC petition for evidentiary hearings 00583-14

DOCKET 130223: Document Filings Index:

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2 Responses to Floridians Fight Back Against ‘Smart’ Meters

  1. Karla Boemig says:

    I am late to the game… because I didn’t know it was playing. Shouldn’t each consumer have been given a notice and chance to have input? What do I do now? This is true extortion.

  2. Virginia Vela says:

    I had the Smart Meter, which had been installed without my knowledge, removed from my house and the Non-Standard meter installed after seeing the CBS investigative report by Al Sunshine and coming to the conclusion that two of my AC compressors, one of them newly replacing the first, had failed due to the Smart Meter and also researching for myself just exactly what these new devices were implicated in from health to fire hazards to appliance and AC failure.

    As a retired person living on a fixed income, I am not in a position to pay the $95 or the $13 per month surcharge that FPL is intent on charging, but I do not want to compromise my health or systems in my home.

    The PSC should not have approved this when there are so many questions about the efficacy of this new technology and so many examples of problems. I propose a moratorium on the installation of Smart Meters and the charges that are being set out by FPL which, in effect, penalize some of their customers.

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