URGENT: Please Sign & Support Petition to PSC re: ‘Smart’ Meters, Before the Feb 4th Deadline!


29 January 2014

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a Happy New Year, one free of so-called “smart” meters, and instead full of freedom, health and prosperity!

If you haven’t yet heard the news, see the PSC decision to allow FP&L to charge fees for a customer having a device other than a “smart” meter.* This decision becomes law Feb. 27, 2014, setting a precedent overriding our fundamental right to refuse s-meters, unless a petition is filed by Feb. 4, 2014! FP&L acknowledges that its new fees are intended to pressure people into accepting these RF/microwave radiation-deploying devices, whose activities exceed quantifying utility usage.

If no petition is filed, we may also lose capacity to litigate effectively in the future, since we will have failed to exhaust our administrative remedies. So it’s very important we petition PSC next week, including matters we might need to raise in the future, while being responsive to the matters on the Docket.

We have a wonderful, committed attorney, Nicholas Jones http://jonesjustice.com/who-we-are/ who truly cares. He and his wife want to raise their baby in a better world than one polluted with s-meters. Atty. Jones is ready to move on this Petition to PSC immediately, and has already given many hours to it. We need to raise $1200 prior to the Petition’s submission Feb. 4th, and $1200 afterward to complete payment to him. People can make checks out directly to Atty. Nicholas Jones or can pay by credit card to his office.

Please give as much as you can as soon as you can, if capable, or as little as you must, if in dire straits.

To be a petitioner, kindly email Susan Clark of CHASM (http://microwavechasm.org/ ) with your phone number. You will then be emailing your name and address to Attorney Jones, noting whether you are 1) an FP&L billpayer or 2) not a billpayer but someone living in an FP&L household. Attorney Jones may have other questions to ensure you qualify.

Anyone may support the Petition financially to help set a good precedent for all of Florida, whether or not s/he qualifies as a Petitioner.

* http://www.floridapsc.com/dockets/cms/docketDetails2.aspx?docket=130223

Rule 28-106.201 can be accessed using the following link:
https://www.flrules.org/gateway/ruleno.asp?id=28-106.201, and then by clicking on “View Rule” near the top right.

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