FPL “Smart Meter” Opt-Out: Final Comments Due January 7, 2014!

NOTE: Please see also:

Florida Public Service Commission to take up Smart Meters January 7, 2014

Docket # 130223
Florida Power & Light “Petition for approval of optional non-standard meter rider”


Just a final reminder that the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) hearing on the opt-out tariff FP&L filed will be heard and decided upon on Tuesday, January 7th. Please submit your written comments immediately. Also, please call the Commission on Monday the 6th, and have others do so, it will be great to light up their phone lines and irritate them for a morning. The number is 800-342-3552.

We assume the PSC will accept its Staff recommendation. After it is approved, FP&L will be contacting all those on their postpone list and requiring them to formally request the opt-out.

It appears that you will be able to keep your current meter, until such time they claim that it is no longer working properly and they replace it. At such time it may be replaced with a non-communicating meter that has not been defined nor is the PSC requiring a definition. Charges ($95 upfront fee and $13/month) will commence in April 2014. The $95 fee includes $77 for a field visit. If you managed to keep your analog, there actually won’t be a field visit but you must pay for it anyway.

Those who have not formally put themselves on the “delay” list but have blocked access to their property or meter may not receive the FP&L Opt-Out communication but they will be automatically enrolled in the opt-out program. They will be given a 45-day grace period after they are charged the fee to allow for the smart meter to be put on and charges would be reversed.

All other customers will NOT be notified by FP&L that they have an option to get the smart meter off their home for a fee.

After the initial enrollment period this is how it will work:

Scenario 1 – You sell your current house and buy a house that has a smart meter. You must re-enroll in the opt out program and FP&L will charge you $95 and $13 monthly. They will remove the smart meter and replace it with a non-communicating meter of their choice.

Scenario 2 – You sell your current home and move to a home that has an analog meter. You are happy, until you call FP&L and have to re-enroll in the program and you get charged $95 (which includes a $77 charge for a field visit) and $13/month. Since you already have an analog they do not need to make the field visit but you must pay for it anyway.

Scenario 3 –  You sell your current home and move to a home with an analog meter. You call for new service. You do NOT want to opt out and pay a fee. FP&L is more than happy to come out to your home and switch that analog meter to a smart meter at NO charge.

Welcome to the Brave New World!

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