October 25th “Smart” Meter ACTION Alert!

[In affiliation with Michigan Stop ‘Smart’ Meters:


Hello Everyone

We have been asked to create another blast for the public response.

We are being heard!!

Everyone’s hard work has been incredible and awareness to (so-called) “smart” meter problems continues to grow!  We get closer every day to our goal…

EVERYONE  mark and set this date on your calendar…

October 25, 2013

This is the DATE where your e-mail will go out !   

Those that have not yet participated, this is the time and day for you.  Those that have already done so, you do not need to do anything except spread the word…

Your doctor needs to write a letter for you and you need to attach that letter along with your personal letter to your district Representative and Senator.

Be sure your doctor knows what you are doing and has consented to do so. That is important!  If the doctor is called upon, they can support your health claim and this will greatly assist with abating the smart meter and keeping your analog meter!!  We must not wait for the first person to die!

It is imperative to note…. Without a letter from your doctor, our lawmakers will not have the necessary tool to take on the energy providers. Doctors have the expertise to make a diagnosis, we as patients do not. It is not enough to simply assert a cause and effect; we need the medical documentation to be taken seriously.

It is time once again to bombard your Legislatures (in your district) with hard evidence by all parties experiencing an episode of adverse health effects directly related to smart meters, AND, IT MUST BE SUPPORTED BY YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR WHO WILL CORROBORATE YOUR ILLNESS in writing.


As these letters are being supported by your doctors and are sent to your Representatives and Senator, then plausible deniability no longer exists.

On this “date” WE KNOW  the public is being heard once again… It is a date known in all states by all advocates and awareness groups that we will be heard.

Leadership can not assist us unless we assist leadership with documentation of facts, corroborated by their doctors !!

Please feel free to share this email to other website advocates who can help support this need. We must not wait for the abusive deployment and then try to fix this problem with a band-aid.


Thank You and Blessings to All…

Please forward a copy (or blind carbon copy) of your letters to the Michigan Group:  David Lonier David Lonier – davidlonier@gmail.com


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