PSC ‘Staff Recommendation’ Sells Out the Public Interest … to Wealthy Utility FP&L; Please Take Action Now!

The PSC (Florida Public Service Commission) has issued its “Staff Recommendation” Report on the Docket for FP&L’s request for a pilot project for its “smart” meter “predictive” tool. (Click here to read)

The PSC staff recommendation argues that the OPC request for hearings should be denied and the Docket be approved for FP&L to do a test.

If you have not yet sent in a comment to support OPC request for hearing, please hold off, read this report and address both.

If you have already sent in a comment, please also send a comment in on this report.

This is another bogus report by the PSC.

Remember, there are over 6,000 meters not communicating. FP&L wants to inspect and repair only 400. The fact that these meters are not working says that FP&L did not do the install process properly! They did not repair all the meter enclosures they should have.

The staff is not recommending that FP&L inspect and repair all 6,000 meter enclosures. This is what they should be doing!

Remember, FP&L used sub-contractors to do the install job. They were paying these guys by the meter; see Craig’s List posting attached here (

CHASM has previously examined the rushed installations of these subcontractors, and some of the immediate problems, including damaging fires as witnessed by licensed electrical contractors, that were the likely result.

Unfortunately, the latent scope of grave fire hazards associated with these “smart” meters and their enclosures remains largely unreported, as the electrical contractors and fire inspectors who encounter these situations are typically unwilling to publicly challenge FP&L over the safety of these installations.

CHASM: “We Knew This Would Happen.” See:

Sarasota Electrician Confirms Problems with FPL’s so-called “Smart” Meters’s-so-called-“smart”-meters/

HAZARD! A Few Questions to Ask Yourself Before a “Smart” Meter is Installed on Your Home…“smart”-meter-is-installed-on-your-home…/

Please send the Craig’s List advertisement to the Commission and remind them that the “smart” meter installation process did not happen as FP&L says; most people still don’t know that they have one!

Obviously these installers, who were incentivized to HURRY through their work — they were paid only 90 cents to $2 per meter installed! — did NOT do a good job if the meters are not working and FP&L thinks it is the meter enclosures.

How could the meter enclosures have failed so quickly?

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