Beware of Smart Meters [MULTIPLE LINKS]

Multiple, excellent links from a Canadian perspective:

Wireless Smart Meters – Just because you can’t see radio frequencies doesn’t mean they are safe. Watch a short but shocking video of how plant life is quickly killed off by EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) from a wireless smart meter. Learn what symptoms are associated with EMR. See military weapons that beam Electromagnetic radiation to quickly submit human targets. After months of research on these wireless meters and the harmful effects of the radiation that is being forced into your environment – find out what I learned. Whatever you do – don’t let anyone work or sleep on the other-side of one of these wireless meters, you may forever regret it. Be assured that you are not without options – please watch the videos and check the supplied links to inform yourself of the health risks to you, especially pregnant mothers, babies, children and pets. Use an Electrosmog Meter to detect EMR in your environment then protect yourself and your family from these Radio Frequencies with practical shielding materials that block Electromagnetic radiation.

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