CHASM Report: “Smart” Meter and Grid Deployment in Florida

“Smart” Meter and Grid Deployment in Florida
REPORT Prepared by CHASM (Coalition for Health, Against Smart Meters), February 2013

With regard to s-meters and grids, the public voice is not represented and even actively silenced. The Florida State and Federal governments are spending enormous amounts of money on deployment, with these costs then surreptitiously passed along to customers and taxpayers. Yet there is no public benefit and considerable and unprecedented public harm from this deployment. Health and environmental hazards and safety problems resulting from s-grids and s-meters are substantial, as are contractual, privacy and Fourth Amendment violations. Moratoria against s-grids and meters, and public hearings to address these actual and potential injuries of the public, are urgently needed. The major media seem to have blacked out coverage of these critically urgent matters. CHASM requests that conscientious Floridians help us to get the information out into the open and resolved.

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