TAKE ACTION! RE: Florida PSC’s Abuse of Power and Dereliction of Duty!

Please email the following individuals and tell them of your disapproval that the Florida PSC has approved the settlement of the rate case with FP&L WITHOUT our representatives approval!

Tell them you are OUTRAGED! (and remind them you are not happy about smart meters too!)

Please ask your mailing list to send an e-mail to Gov. Scott and cc JR Kelly (Public Counsel)

Gov Scott – Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com
JR Kelly – KELLY.JR@leg.state.fl.us

The message should state something like this:

I am outraged by the recent action by the Florida Public Service Commission to make a settlement with Florida Power & Light without the consent of the people’s representative, the Office of the Public Counsel. This Commission needs to be reigned in and fast.

I hope the Office of Public Counsel files a lawsuit to block this settlement agreement and protect the rights of the people.

I want to remind you that this is not the only recent incident where the FPSC has cut the people out. In the case of the forced installation of smart meters by FP&L the Commission failed to hold public hearings and evaluate this project and all the problems associated with it (cost, health, privacy, safety and security). You appointed them, so you MUST take responsibility for their actions! Currently I grade them with a “F”.

In addition, please e-mail the FPSC and cc: JR Kelly


Dear Commissioners:

Your recent decision to settle the FP&L rate case without the consent of my representative is outrageous and a flagrant abuse of power.

In addition, your allowing of FP&L to install these dangerous smart meters on our homes without a public hearing nor proper evaluation of all the issues (cost/benefits, health, privacy, security and safety) is further evidence of your incompetence and lack of understanding of your duties to the public.

I call for your immediate resignation and fully support the Office of Public Counsel seeking legal remedies against your recent actions.

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