It’s NOT a “Smart” Meter, It IS NETWORK EQUIPMENT!

Utilities are installing on our homes, without our consent, network and communications equipment, capable of constant transmission [’s-similar-“mesh-network”-meters-transmit-up-to-190000-times-per-day-what-about-fpl’s-“rf-mesh-network”-meters/], and also potentially capable –if not now, then soon — of sophisticated surveillance. []

At what point does the conversion of your home into a communications hub, comprising one part of your utility’s RF MESH grid [] and an expansive network of communications systems, become a “taking” of your private property, WITHOUT due process and without proper compensation?

Would the utilities have been so easily able to sell their so-called “smart” meters and “smart” grid if instead the “smart” meter was simply called “network equipment,” a name which is arguably a more accurate description of what the device really is?

The public relations experts and technology professionals are very smart, indeed. That’s why they call their babies “smart grid” and “smart meters” and not “network equipment.”


“Mrs. Jones, today we’ll be installing some Network Equipment, comprising a 900 MHz radio and a 2.5 GHz radio on the outside of your bedroom wall… ”

“We like your home’s location so much that, next month, we will likely be back to install a cellular phone antennae and an FM translator/booster. It will be part of another “upgrade” to our ‘Network Equipment’ and the electric grid that provides you with electricity, Mrs. Jones… so you have NO right to refuse! And don’t worry, Mrs. Jones; living underneath all these constant radio-frequency transmissions is not anything to be ‘concerned’ about!”

“Have a nice day, Mrs. Jones!”

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