FPL Admits that Time-of-Use Rates Are On the Way…

[CHASM comment: During FPL’s “smart” meter rollout, its public relations professionals have taken great pains to AVOID acknowledging that FPL intends to eventually implement “time-of-use” rates. Time-of-use rates incentivize electric usage for the times that suit the utility’s generating schedule. How does doing your laundry at midnight sound? We’ve found a news report in which an FPL executive finally admitted that this is the scheme behind the “smart” meter rollout… ]

Smart Meter installation 75 percent complete

At this point, the meters are not equipped to provide time-of-use rates — different rates for different times of day, Santos said.

“We have not done the back-office programming required in order to get that to happen,” Santos said.

Charles Rehwinkel, Associate Public Counsel, who represents ratepayers in the case, questioned Santos about whether the eventual implementation of time-of-use rates will lessen the need to build more power plants to meet peak demand.

After FPL attorneys objected that Santos was not the proper witness to answer that, she said that generally speaking, that would be true.

“Deployment is a big project. We have less than 200 customers who are on time-of-use rates. You start with residential and business customers. The plan is to phase in time-of-use rates later,” Santos said.


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