“Smart” Meters interfere with baby monitors, other household gadgets

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Florida Smart Meter Interference

You’ve read about problems with PG&E’s SmartMeter, especially the folks who claim it’s causing huge increases in their electrical bills. But that’s not the only issue with the vaunted high-tech device.

As Pacific Gas & Electric’s SmartMeter installation has rolled across Northern California, dozens of readers have contacted Action Line complaining about newly found erratic behavior with their household electronic gadgets. A conflict occurs, apparently, when the SmartMeter electronically transmits information back to the utility.

Cordless phones and crib monitors, patio speakers and wireless headsets are spitting out static and startling pops and crackles, they complained. Also affected, they said, are
wireless microphones, security systems, motion detectors and remotely controlled garage doors. This equipment operates largely on the 900- to 928-megahertz radio spectrum.

“Right about the time that SmartMeters were installed, our phone went insane,” wrote Jane Meckman of San Jose.

This is something PG&E is loath to talk about even though the company promised transparency when it brought SmartMeters to our homes.

Violeta Perez of San Jose wrote that, “Ever since my SmartMeter was installed, my home alarm system has been going off randomly.”


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