Florida “Smart” Meters: “With Whom Does the Buck Stop?”

Not with Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Ronald Brise!

In June, 2012, WPTV broadcast comments by Chairman Brise, which speaks volumes about the PSC’s dereliction of duty and gross disregard for public safety under his leadership:

    “I want to assure you that we are listening,” said the Chairman of the PSC Ronald Brise during a public hearing in St. Lucie County.

    [WPTV] The chairman said they’re listening and investigating. But after receiving more than 400 pages of complaints and concerns, they haven’t taken any action. In fact, the state agency in charge of protecting consumers said they may not have the power to do anything at all.

    “Where does the buck stop?” asked Representative Gayle Harrell.

    [PSC’s BRISE] “At this point, um, [VERY LONG PAUSE] let’s see how I can answer that fairly right, [LONG PAUSE] at this point to a large degree it’s in the hands of the utility,” responded Brise.

Chairman Brise’s painfully hesitant comments occur at approximately two minutes, thirty seconds into this video:

Evidently, in Florida, “might makes right” and “money rules.”

The power that should be vested in the people, through their public servants — in the case of “smart” meters, those serving in the PSC — has instead been handed over to Florida’s powerful utilities, which are clearly calling the shots and determining public policy. Florida’s taxpayers are the big losers.

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