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Florida “Wi-Fi hotspots” Are Health Hazards, Not Places to be Celebrated!

Publix, the largest grocery store chain in Florida is now boasting that its stores are “wi-fi hotspots.” CHASM took this photo recently of signage greeting all who enter into one of the grocer’s stores: It is a dismal commentary on … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court by San Diegan

CHASM thanks Center for Electrosmog Prevention for posting this important lawsuit. Originally posted here: DEBORAH COONEY VS. THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (CPUC); MICHAEL R. PEEVEY, PRESIDENT; THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA; KAMALA D. HARRIS, ATTORNEY GENERAL; SAN DIEGO GAS … Continue reading

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It’s NOT a “Smart” Meter, It IS NETWORK EQUIPMENT!

Utilities are installing on our homes, without our consent, network and communications equipment, capable of constant transmission [’s-similar-“mesh-network”-meters-transmit-up-to-190000-times-per-day-what-about-fpl’s-“rf-mesh-network”-meters/], and also potentially capable –if not now, then soon — of sophisticated surveillance. [] At what point does the conversion of your … Continue reading

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FPL Admits that Time-of-Use Rates Are On the Way…

[CHASM comment: During FPL’s “smart” meter rollout, its public relations professionals have taken great pains to AVOID acknowledging that FPL intends to eventually implement “time-of-use” rates. Time-of-use rates incentivize electric usage for the times that suit the utility’s generating schedule. … Continue reading

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Still don’t believe Smart Meters are designed to mine data?

GridGlo Raises $1.2 Million To Help Utilities Understand How Customers Use Electricity Lora Kolodny Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 A New York research firm that turns massive amounts of data into streamlined information, CUBRC (pronounced “coo-brick”) invested $1.2 million in … Continue reading

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“Smart” Meters interfere with baby monitors, other household gadgets

[Original article here:] EXCERPT: You’ve read about problems with PG&E’s SmartMeter, especially the folks who claim it’s causing huge increases in their electrical bills. But that’s not the only issue with the vaunted high-tech device. As Pacific Gas & … Continue reading

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Florida “Smart” Meters: “With Whom Does the Buck Stop?”

Not with Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Ronald Brise! In June, 2012, WPTV broadcast comments by Chairman Brise, which speaks volumes about the PSC’s dereliction of duty and gross disregard for public safety under his leadership: “I want to … Continue reading

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[Could be Florida?] Arcing Meter Hazards

[NOTE: Originally posted at, June 28, 2011] The following letter and photo were sent to the EMF Safety Network from a California fire department captain (Ross) who saved his home from a potential Smart Meter fire in 2009. PG&E … Continue reading

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What’s happened to the millions of ANALOG meters removed by Florida utilities?

Tampa Electric (TECO), in a November, 2011 email, wrote the following in reply to a TECO customer’s inquiry about the fate of the analog meters removed by TECO: “… We are retiring all analog meters and not processing any of … Continue reading

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Qualcomm Pushes for Cellular in Smart Grid

The following two paragraphs are excerpted from the excellent article, “Sensitive and Inside Big Technology: Views from the Other Side (Part Two),” found at: William has another warning for us. “The cell phone industry wants to get in on … Continue reading

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