Sarasota Woman Reports Health Problems after “Smart” Meter Installation

“Coalition for Health, Against ‘Smart’ Meters” (CHASM) received the following account today from “Jane*,” a woman in Sarasota who reports significant, deleterious health effects concurrent with FPL’s installation of a so-called “smart” meter on her home.

For useful background to this Sarasotan’s account, please see:

A Primer on FCC Guidelines for the Smart Meter Age:

… and also the “Health effects” section of
“Smart” Meter Hazards & Problems

It is our understanding that the “smart” meters are ON and transmitting immediately upon their installation, but are not necessarily “communicating” with the FPL’s RF Mesh network until a later time.

Here is her unedited account:


    On September 7th 2012, an FPL team of two men arrived at my home to exchange my analog electric service meter for a new digital smart meter.  I was sort of indifferent as to the prospect of a new electrical service meter having neither read nor heard any information pertaining to the use of these devices. 

    I am unsure as to the date of my first headache but, I remember feeling it somewhat unusual since a headache for me is a fairly rare occurrence. 

    I was particularly concerned when I began to feel nausea on and off throughout the day. Besides an inability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night, the very most troublesome symptom was a very loud, shrill and constant high-pitched noise in both ears in which I could actually “hear” my pulse. I was very alarmed by this and told my husband that I felt as though my hearing was being damaged.  

    I decided to seek the services of my ENT for ear wax removal and a hearing test since, I could not figure out what was going on with my hearing.  My symptoms worsened over the next few weeks. I was quite fatigued and my skin seemed to take on a grayish cast. Clearly I wasn’t sleeping. Two days ago a friend enlightened me as to the dangers of the smart meter and then and only then did I realize that the only thing that had changed in my life since Sept. 7th was the addition of the smart meter! 

    I immediately called FPL and they had someone come out this morning to change the smart meter to a digital meter that they assured me emits no RF frequencies. I am very grateful to Jill from FPL’s corporate office in Miami for her urgent response to my desperate plea. 

    As far as how I am feeling, I can attest that there is no doubt that I already have more energy than I did in the previous 41 days. The shrill ringing in my ears is less. I do not feel any nausea as of this writing. Pray-fully stopping my exposure to the smart meter will stop and reverse the negative health effects that I most definitely have been feeling. I take my health very seriously. I live organically, eat no GMO foods and take no pharmaceutical medications. I am happy to give you an update again as to how I am feeling as the days go by, should you be interested.


    Sarasota, FL

    PS There is a noticeable increase in my electric bill which, I suspect may be due to the installation of the smart meter.


* Name withheld at her request

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