US Sec of Defense Leon Panetta warns about cyber attacks; more risks for “smart” meter-controlled energy

[CHASM Comment: As former CIA Director Woolsey said, “it’s a really, really stupid grid.” Let’s demand a moratorium on its buildout now!”]

“These attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyber threat,” Panetta said. “And they have renewed concerns about still more destructive scenarios that could unfold.”

U.S. authorities have repeatedly warned that foreign Internet hackers are probing U.S. critical infrastructure networks, including those that control utility plants, transportation systems and financial networks. [EMPHASIS ADDED]

“We know of specific instances where intruders have successfully gained access to these control systems,” Panetta told the business group. “We also know that they are seeking to create advanced tools to attack these systems and cause panic and destruction, and even the loss of life.”

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: Cyberthreat from Iran has grown
DATE: 12 Oct. 12, 2012

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